Art Design Resources

What exactly do fashion designers do on a daily basis? Don’t they just sit around and sketch beautiful clothes while the actual work is done by a staff of hundreds? Well, no. The life of a fashion designer is hectic, stressful, and time-consuming. Today’s fashion designers need a strong creative mind to exist, but they can’t survive on just fancy designs alone. A successful fashion designer needs good business sense, originality, and a strong ability to network. read more

  1. Online Guide To Fashion Design Christian Dior
    Christian Dior is known for introducing the New Look of women’s fashion in 1947. Dior’s collections feature very full skirts, rounded shoulders, and tight fitted waists. These highly feminized looks celebrated womanhood and the uniqueness of women’s fashion at that time. read more
  2. Best Architecture Websites
    Architects dream of creating beauty in the form of concrete, wood, or metal. They make buildings come alive with movement, texture, versatility, etc. Becoming an architect takes a lot of study and becoming a successful architect takes a good portfolio. Take a look at these sites to get an idea of the best in the world of architecture and web design. read more
  3. Industrial Design
    Industrial design – it’s stark, harsh and it makes a bold statement. Saved from being minimalist and cold by furniture and art with visible welds, exposed rivets and distressed metal, industrial design is out of the Soho loft interior and coming soon to a home near you. read more
  4. Website Trends for 2010 the Hottest Design Trends Right Now
    What is hot right now in terms of Web Design? Bold and bright banners and homemade images and fonts are all the rage for 2010. Check out the coolest website design trends on the internet. read more
  5. Biggest Mistakes in Web Design
    Taste is a funny thing. Everyone has their opinion about what’s cool, what’s pretty, what sells, etc. But normally, there is no hiding the ugly! Take a look at our Web Design Tutorial to learn what not to do when designing your website look. No more black backgrounds, no more blaring music, and stop with the blinky thingys! read more
  6. What Does it Take to Become a Top Fashion Designer
    Are you addicted to the Fashion? Do you dream of creating hot fashion trends seen on the catwalks? Do you dress up your little doggie as a supermodel? Well, it’s time to follow your fashion instincts and turn your passion into a career as a fashion designer. read more
  7. How to Make Love to Your Home
    Learn how to make sweet love to your home the same way you would make love to a sexy, new lover. It’s all about passion, love, and whimsy. Let yourself be seduced by soft textiles, screaming colors, sexy furniture, etc. read more
  8. The Top Bitchy Gossip Blogs
    Gossip blogs are slowly, but surely, replacing the news media. Who wants to hear about the Tea Party when you can see what slutty outfit Miley Cyrus is hopping around town in? Full of useless information, bitchy comments, and cat-fight inducing insults, here are the top bitchy gossip blogs to find out the latest dirt on our favorite celebs. read more
  9. Play Fashion Designer Online
    Love playing dress up, but don’t have the duds to impress? Use these games to improve your fashion designer skills and move into the big league with Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel. Here you will find the best sites to learn how to design clothes, plan a runway show, open your own boutique, and more! read more
  10. The 13 Worst Fashion Fads Ever
    You call that fashion? Take a look at some of today and yesterday’s fashion misfires: the 13 worst fashion fads ever! What the hell were these people thinking? read more
  11. Game Creation Toolkit Resources
    You can create 3D games with game creation toolkits that use point and click features that resemble WYSIWYG editors. read more
  12. Fashion History
    An outward expression of social class, wealth, culture, and ideology as well as the age, fashion has changed greatly over time and continues to both reinvent and recycle itself. read more
  13. Web Designing Tips
    More than just writing code and choosing pretty pictures, web design requires designers to take elements like the purpose of a page, page functionality, and usability issues into account. read more
  14. Dashboard Widgets for Apple Users
    For Apple computers, iPhones, and iPods, dashboard widgets come in a variety of neat applications for work tasks or entertainment. read more
  15. A Tutorial in HTML Tables
    The use of HTML tables is one way to arrange information on a webpage. Using them with both HTML and CSS can help render the information seamlessly. read more
  16. For Internet Users with Visual Impairments
    Not all Internet users can make use of the visual interface to access information. Those with visual impairments must rely on technology and savvy web designers to bridge the gap. read more
  17. Frames A History and How-To
    Though frames have fallen out of favor in web design circles, the use of frames allows websites to display more than one HTML page at the same time. read more
  18. Copy Editing Resources
    Copy editing is used to polish a piece of writing prior to its publication. In doing so, copy editors must consider proper usage as well as elements of style. read more
  19. Designing with Dreamweaver
    A WYSIWYG editing program for both web design and development, Adobe Dreamweaver helps you create HTML pages fairly quickly. read more
  20. Citing Electronic Sources
    Avoid plagiarism by properly citing your sources using reference guidelines from organizations like the MLA, APA, or CSE. read more
  21. HTML Quick Reference Guide
    A simple markup language, HTML is used to design webpages. It makes use of designated tags to create desired effects. read more
  22. Languages of Creating Game Images
    Game images are often created using programming languages like C++, Java, C#, Ada, Perl, and Python. read more
  23. PERL
    A high-level programming language that is used to write CGI scripts, Perl was developed by Larry Wall at a NASA lab in 1986. read more
  24. Programming Languages
    The most common programming languages are Java, Perl, Javascript, and HTML, but each language has its own strengths. read more
  25. Design Tips for Web Sites
    Everyone needs a website these days. You can get the most out of it by keeping these website design tips in mind. read more
  26. 6 Ugliest Things in the World
    The world is an ugly, ugly place. Sure, there are plenty of ugly animals, ugly people, and certainly ugly realities like war and health epidemics on the loose, but there are also some things out there that are blights on your everyday world and just make you want to cover your eyes from the sight… read more
  27. Computer Art and Photoshop Tutorials
    To create graphic designs and digital art there are a variety of tutorials you can use to master programs like Adobe Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. read more
  28. Image and Multimedia Resources
    From real-life photographs of people to sharks to redwood trees, digital imaging resources are accessible to everyone with Internet access. read more
  29. Hot Interior Designers 2010
    What makes a good interior designer? Imagination, creativity, originality and a high level of patience to deal with the ever finicky client. These top interior designers have these talents in spades and they’re not too shabby to look at either. Take a look at our Top Interior Designers for 2011 and try not to drool over their portfolios! read more
  30. What Does A Fashion Designer Do
    FASHION DESIGNERS create clothing and accessory designs. They may plan the production and marketing of their creations. Designers specialize in one type of garment or accessory such as men’s or women’s wear, children’s garments, swimwear, lingerie, handbags, or shoes. Some high-fashion Designers are self-employed and design for individual clients. They make fashion news by establishing the silhouette, colors, and kinds of materials that will be worn each season. Other self-employed, high-fashion Designers cater to specialty stores or high-fashion department stores. read more
  31. Architectural Terms Glossary
    Every day architects must use a variety of terms to describe the features and elements of their work. The architectural glossary contains definitions of these terms, both basic and complex. read more
  32. Thesis Tips For Graduate Students
    Breaking the job of writing a graduate school thesis into more manageable chunks can keep students organized and on track for completion. read more
  33. Postmodernism
    A product of the current age, postmodernism considers truth to be a construction and reality a subjective experience. read more
  34. 3D Computer Graphics
    3D Computer Graphics Resources… read more
  35. Computer Animation Basics
    Computer animation is defined as an art form created through the use of a computer where the images created are able to show movement. The first form of computer animation was developed in 1961 by a student enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. read more
  36. The Career of Charles M Schulz
    Charles M. Schulz is, without a doubt, the most popular and influential artist in the history of cartoons. Born in Minnesota, Schulz loved drawing from a young age. His first drawing was printed in a comic published by Robert Ripley or Ripley’s Believe it or Not. After serving in the U.S. Army, Schulz returned to Minneapolis where he found work as an art teacher. Simultaneously, he began working for the Roman Catholic comic magazine, Timeless Topix, doing lettering work. His first regular cartoons began appearing in the St Paul Pioneer Press where he fist used the name Charlie Brown. read more
  37. Learning Strategies for School or Career
    Many people think that success in education and career is achieved by people who are intelligent or talented. This way of thinking is quite far from the truth. People who are successful in their education and career will tell you that it’s down to the cultivation of good principles, strategies, tips, and tricks. read more
  38. History of Shinto
    Shinto is the indigenous Spirituality and Religion of the Japanese People… read more
  39. Topology Resources
    Topology is a mathematical study of geometric properties with several different branches such as algebraic and differential topology. Perhaps the first person to bring attention to the beginnings of topology… read more
  40. Top 10 Cool International Fashion Blogs
    Want to see what’s hot in the world, in the world of fashion? Well, now you can find out what’s hot in Japan, Spain, Italy, and more – just take a look at these 10 Cool International Fashion Blogs. read more
  41. Cool Clothes for Kids
    What do bunny ears, baby blue, bubble gum pink, and little boats have in common? All children’s clothes have one or the other. But now you can find some cool clothes for your little fashionista with these blogs about cool clothes for kids. (written by mommies!) read more
  42. The Top Independent Accessory Designers
    Sick of the mainstream when you are shopping for some earrings or a new handbag? Why not take a look at these up-and coming-accessory designers in order to find original accessories at great prices. read more
  43. The Best Independent Handbag Designers
    Anyone can buy an expensive purse – we know all the logo’d names of the high end purse designers – Gucci, Coach, Louis Vuitton, those carried by the perfectly coifed women in the grocery store. But to have real style, you need to look past those big C’s and G’s emblazoned on leather and find your true style with a fashion handbag from an independent handbag designer. read more
  44. Steampunk Fashion Guide
    Steampunk fashion may first seem like a great adult way to dress up. But it’s more than that- it’s a way of life; a lifestyle. Once you start to refurbish yourself as a Steampunk fashion icon, you will become addicted to the Victorian- style dresses, the rich textures, and above all, the cool gadgets and accessories that you get to wear. read more
  45. The Tools Libraries of Image Formatting
    Not all image formats are created alike. Some work better than others in different mediums. read more
  46. 3D Engines List
    Driven by various programming languages, 3D engines create the game images and game programming that power videogames and computer games. read more
  47. Art Terms Glossary
    Used by artists and educators alike, different art terms place expressions of art into context. read more
  48. A Free Listing of Graphics and Clip Art
    Clip art is a term used to describe a graphic, image, illustration or photograph that is typically used in desktop publishing, advertising, print or other types of publication projects. These visual images can be in various sizes, shapes, colors, photo objects and subject matter. read more
  49. Art and Design Resources for Students and Teachers
    Art is an important part of a child’s education; exploring art can spark a child’s creativity and foster a passion that will last a lifetime. Thomas Merton once said, art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. read more
  50. Fine Art Directory
    A fine arts directory for international art resources, forums and auctions. read more
  51. Public Art Index
    David Harding presents resources for public art scholarship in this index of public art articles from 1969 to 1994. read more
  52. Woodworking Websites
    Woodworking Plans, Ideas, and Tips for the Ultimate do-it-yourselfer!… read more
  53. Rockin Rock Resources
    The Skinny on Rocks, Minerals, and Their Decorative Uses… read more
  54. The Top 9 Inspirational Interior Design Blogs
    The world of interior design consists of many distinct influences and styles which can be hard to categorize. So whether you are in the mood to design or redesign your home or you are looking towards interior design as a profession, it can be a daunting world of design choices. Use these 9 inspirational blogs as a stepping stone to create your own personal home decor design style. read more
  55. The Top Steampunk Styles
    The Steampunk style can be described as a glossy and romantic mix of Victorian, metal, and punk hodgepodge. If you are looking to revamp your house in a lovely antique style, but with a hard edge, look no further than these Top Steampunk Style Blogs. read more
  56. Modernism
    A late 19th and early 20th century cultural shift in art, literature, music, and other forms of expression, Western civilization turned to a more individualistic spirit with modernism. read more
  57. Art History Resources
    The study of art and how artists work and influence others, art history is an important component of arts education. read more
  58. Art Education Resources
    From museums to associations, these art resources help provide an understanding of art for art education from grade school to university levels. read more
  59. Frida Kahlo
    Now arguably Mexico’s? greatest artist, Frida Kahlo was the wife of muralist Diego Rivera and wasn’t widely recognized for her art during her lifetime. read more
  60. Top 10 Things You Can Do With RSS
    RSS allows you to get the web content you want in a convenient way. It highlights information from different websites without you having to search for them individually. read more
  61. Calvin and Hobbes
    Fans of Calvin and Hobbes will enjoy revisiting characters and strips from the classic comic as well as learning more about creator Bill Watterson. read more
  62. The Gimp
    An open source application, GIMP is a freely-distributed program that is used for image manipulation like editing photos and adding text effects. read more
  63. Advanced Photoshop Tutorials
    Using advanced techniques like brush and filter work, Photoshop allows you to create beautiful photos and effects. read more
  64. Gimp Resources
    A free image manipulation program with lots of resources and tutorials available, GIMP can be used to design corporate identities, edit and resize photos, and convert image file formats. read more
  65. Top 12 Best Photographer Portfolio Websites
    Anyone can take a simple photo, but a truly good photographer has to tell an interesting story. No matter what the subject, a good photo should spark the viewer’s interest and provoke a sense of curiosity. In order to receive recognition, a professional photographer has to market his or her talents and, more specifically, maintain a good web presence. Take a look at these 12 top photographer portfolios to see who has the true creativity to tell their own story as a photographer. read more
  66. Website Creation for Children
    To help kids learn, you can build a website with them or for them using the many tools and resources available like drag-and-drop site builders or easy HTML tutorials. read more
  67. Perl Resources
    A programming language commonly used in web development, Perl is an open source software known for its flexibility. read more
  68. WWDC Worldwide Developers Conference
    A showcase of new Apple technologies, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) presents emerging products and services in northern California on an annual basis. read more