Best Architecture Websites

There are several factors that go into whether or not an architecture website is a good one. Besides striking architectural photos and images, you need a clean and interesting web design. The usability of a site, the content of a site, and the popularity of a site are a few of the considerations that go into what are the best architecture websites. Below are some of the best architecture websites:

American Institute of Architects

This site for the organization is detailed, easy to navigate and full of useful information and resources. The site is as useful for aspiring architects as it is for the top architects in the industry. It is also a resource for people looking to hire architects. The site is one of the best architecture websites online and its url is:

Architecture Lab

This online magazine is very popular. The site includes news, features, products, services, contests, images, archives and more. If you are a fan of the magazine or are looking for a good place to immerse yourself in the industry this is the site for you. You can access Architecture Lab at:

Architectural Record

This is one of the best architecture websites around including interviews with leading architects, articles, news, book reviews, products and services You can find a great deal of information and resources on the site. This is one of the sites you will want to visit often. The URL for the site is:


This website provides information for architects including building materials. The site also has information for and about spec writers, engineers and contractors. The site includes over 10,000 manufacturers with thousands of their cad specifications and details, BIM families and links to many websites and other information. The website is:

McGraw Hill Construction Sweets Network

A terrific resource for manufacturers, building materials, downloadable CAD details, products, specs, and green products among other things. Get all the latest product information and details. The site can be found

Great Buildings Online

This is a great site to learn about architecture around the world from Stonehenge to the newest buildings The site includes 3D models, drawings and images by Architecture Week. The URL for the site is:


The Wikipedia for architecture, this website has a great deal of information, videos, articles, a knowledge base and more. The site can be visited at


This London-based website has an enormous article database of over 150,000 articles that are easily searchable on the site. See what the site has to offer at

Death by Architecture

This is a great, thorough website that includes news, resources, competitions and more. The International scope of this site makes it great. You can find the site at:


This UK based architecture website is a great online resource. The site has a great deal of information about construction, technology and design. You will find articles, video, a knowledge base for architecture and more.

Building Environments

This is a 3D model archive for interior designers and architects.

Googie Architecture

This flashy and sleek website includes news, articles, images and more. It is definitely worth a look. See the site at: