Biggest Mistakes in Web Design

There are a few mistakes you want to avoid when designing a website. If you keep these things in mind and avoid the biggest mistakes you will be ahead of the game.

Biggest Mistakes in Web Design: Hidden Menus

Menus must be easy to find. If people are unable to quickly find the menu on a website they will click off the site and not return. Some web designers get overly cute and creative with menus, especially in flash sites, and that is always a mistake. Have an easy-to-find menu that is intuitive.

Biggest Mistakes in Web Design: Auto-Playing Music and Videos

Most website users surf the net while they are at work. This means that auto-playing audio and video can make them leave a site quickly. Consumers like to be in control of their website experience and this means they want to choose when and if a video or audio file plays.

Biggest Mistakes in Web Design: Overly Complex Landing Pages

A landing page needs to be clean and clear. Consumers want to know that they found the right website when they clicked on a link from a search engine. A clean and clear landing page is essential. Do not try to do too much with a landing page. Cater each landing page to a specific target audience and have multiple landing pages on a website.

Biggest Mistakes in Web Design: Insufficient or Hidden Content

Websites need content to perform well on the search engines. Many graphic designers try to eliminate content because it is visually unappealing. There is a right way to do this and a wrong way to do this. Content should never be thrown onto the bottom of a webpage. Consumers are turned off by this and it trivializes the actual content. If the text will hurt the graphic design either change the design or use scripts that are search engine optimization friendly.

Make sure there is content linked from the homepage to help with search rankings.

Biggest Mistakes in Web Design: Black Backgrounds

Black and dark backgrounds may be visually striking but they generally are hard to read making them ineffective. Website owners want sites that function well, they do not want sites that look great but turn off visitors because they are hard to read.

  • A good use of dark colors: Modification Pros

It is important to make sites readable, easy to navigate and concise. Avoid some of the bells and whistles that can make sites slow to load, hurt search engine optimization techniques or cause a visitor to click off the site (music and video playing).

Ugliest Web Pages of the Decade:

Haiti News Network – Haiti’s first earthquake.

George Hutchins for Congress – Ouch! My eyes, my eyes!

Evolution into the Next Millennium – If this is the next millineum, I’ll stay in the dark ages, thank you very much!

Implosion Group – There has never been a more fitting name.

The Light of God Ministry – The Light of God Ministry is literally blinding me.