Copy Editing Resources

A copy editor is responsible for the preparation of a piece of writing to get published. There are many components a copy editors has to take into consideration, including formatting issues, grammar, style and spelling mistakes, and the accuracy of quoted materials. Copy editors basically proofread all material before it is sent to the publishers. Below are a list of resources copy editors and proofreaders might find useful.

Introduction to Copy Editing and Proofreading

  • Proofreading and Copy-editing – This website has great information on how to follow copy editing standards, including proofreading tests and quizzes.
  • How to Check Proofreading – A great resource which provides information on copy editing guidelines and how to understand copy editing marks and language.
  • Proofreading and Editing Tips – Simple ideas and information from experienced proofreaders and editors.

Standard Reference Books

  • Associated Press Stylebook – The best of the newspaper stylebooks. This book has many different editions and is updated frequently. It is the most common stylebook used through Universities.
  • Reference Library for Writers – A collection of the most trusted and most referenced books for business writing, copy-editing and proofreading.

Headlines, Captions, and the Vocabulary of Printing

  • Newspaper Vocabulary – This website offers a huge glossary of newspaper printing terms.
  • Struggling with Headlines – This web page offers simple tips for copy editors who are struggling with headline ideas.

Electronic Copy Editing

  • Copy Editing for the WWW – This was a book that has been published online with great information on how to proofread and copy edit for the internet.
  • Copy Editing Problems – A web page that covers the most common errors when dealing with copy editing for the web.

Common Problems in Spelling and Punctuation

  • Punctuation – Includes information on apostrophes, commas, hyphens, quotations and more.
  • Quotations – A quick reference for how to use quotations properly.
  • Commonly Misspelled Words in Business – This website offers a quiz for the 25 most common misspelled words in business writing.


  • Glossary of Copy Editing Grammar – A collection of basic copy editing terms and definitions.
  • Grammar and Style – A comprehensive guide to all things grammar and style in the world of copy editing.
  • Grammar Matters – A collection of resources and quizzes to help a copy editor understand the correct use of grammar in publications.

Syntax and Structural Problems

  • Common Syntax Mistakes – Simple tips for proofreading and copy editing.
  • Sentence Structure – How to form grammatically correct sentences.

Jobs in Magazine Copy Editing

  • National Writers Union – If you’re a free lance copy editors, joining this organization is beneficial.
  • ACES – The American Copy Editors Society is an organization that helps find jobs and define standards for copy editors.
  • – The best resource for finding copy editing jobs in magazines.
  • – Houses a collection of copy editing jobs from the Associated Press to many respectable magazine publications.