Dashboard Widgets for Apple Users

Dashboard is a widget engine used by Apple, Inc in both it’s computer systems as well to a degree in its iPhone & iPod devices.First introduced in Apple’s 2005 ‘Tiger’ version of the Mac OS X Operating system; Dashboard widgets provide for common mini-applications to run such as calculators, weather checkers, etc, and bare resemblance both in terms of technology as well as appearance to Web Based widget platforms like Google Gadgets.Initially all iPhone Applications were essentially widget applications related very closely with dashboard widgets.

Apple’s Dashboard has been compared with the technology behind Yahoo’s widgets which began as a program called Konfabulator that Yahoo purchased.In fact, the basic concept of low footprint utilitarian applications is not new, and predates even Apple’s own Desk Accessories which have been around for decades.From a design standpoint Widgets use the exact same technologies they teach in web design schools; xml, javascript and to an extent AJAX. Other widget platforms have followed suit using not only similartechnologies and in many cases allowing you to run Apple DashBoard widgets on other platforms such as Linux.




Widgets exist for numerous reasons from fun, to utility.

Mac OS X comes with several utility widgets, and Apple maintains a site that links to numerous others.

Here’ some highlights about some useful widgets:

PHP Function Reference by Andrew Hedges

Provides Easy access to reference for the PHP Web Programming Language.Great for Web Designers and Programmers.

A handy widget that list the code for HTMLentities.Very handy for Web Design.

RegEx Widget by Rob Rohan

A very useful widget that let’s you create Regular Expressions in a variety of languages including Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, and Sed.RegExes are powerful search parameters which enable you to search for common but hard to nail now such as phone numbers in any format with or without area code.Despite the name they are often arcane and differ slightly between languages; less so if you have this cool widget!

AudioBank Royalty Free Music Player

Phelios, Inc.

Play songs from AudioBank.fm; a database of royalty free music.

Gold Price by Thomas Cherry

See the current spot price of Gold and whether it is up or down without ever leaving yourdesktopusing this handy widget.Also supports different denominations.

NetCarb Counter by Jose Arvelo

Doing the Atkins diet?This handy widgetapproximatesthe number of NetCarbs in the foods you eat which according to this diet are the only ones you need to worry about.A handy way to keep the details of your diet on track.

D-Link PhotoFrame Controller by D-Link

Use this widget tocontrolPhotoFrame wirelessly using WiFi.

ESPN widgets

A collection of widgets for keeping track of where your favorite team stands as well as other sports related information such as game times.ESPN has put together Wigets for all variety of sports from MLB Baseball to NBA Basketball to Gold Soccer & More.

Unit Converter Pro by Arabian Oil Company

Areplacementfor Apple’s own Unit Conversion widget which goes into far more detail allows fro far more diverse conversions.Additionally this widget is available as an iPhone program so you can use the same software on the go with your iPhone.