Hot Interior Designers 2010

Interior Designers that are Lighting up the Design World

Interior design is getting a new look. Not to the interior’s design, but to many of the designers themselves. Whether self-taught or educated at interior design schools, all of these designers are edgy, full of personality and are setting the interior design world on fire.

Nicole Sassaman

Nicole Sassaman is becoming Hollywood’s hottest interior designer. Her list of clients includes some of the most notable names in the entertainment industry, including Universal Studios, Amblin Entertainment and UPN. She’s a regular on the design shows of the cable world, and she’s got the design prowess, personality and looks to back it all up


Scott Allen has received much acclaim and notoriety for his design style. Educated at the Atlanta College of Arts for Interior Design, he has made a name for himself from Atlanta to Los Angeles, where he currently resides. Scott’s design practice, Sacred Space, has thrived inside the world of commercial and residential design work including clients with downtown Los Angeles lofts, commerical spaces, and sprawling home estates. Allen is one of the hottest designers on the market today.

Paul Siskin – Siskin Valls

Paul Siskin is a New York City-based interior designer consistently ranked among the country’s top 100 designers by House Beautiful, and New York Home magazines and was recently inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame. Siskin’s ability to bring a client’s fantasy to a stylish reality that functions for their needs earns him a top spot in interior designers. His staying power as one of the hottest in interior design proves that talent has its privileges.

D.B. Kim

D.B. Kim hails from Korea and is internationally known for his design work both in the residential and business world. His projects are steeped in simplicity and order, but are designed to elicit comfort, calm and warmth not often found in this style. Kim’s motto – simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ is reflected throughout his designs, but their warmth and coziness are his trademark. He prides himself on trend setting, but in a subtle manner. Kim has become an international superstar in the design world.

Vicente Wolf Associates

Named one of the ten most influential interior designers by House Beautiful, Vicente Wolf has built his New York based firm with over 30 years of design experience. His designs are often based on his global travels, and he’s branching out into tableware and home product design as well. Mr. Wolf’s global vision is for his designs to transcend time and cross borders. He’s at the peak of his game right now, and in high demand.

Thomas Pheasant

Classical evolution are words used to describe interior designers Thomas Pheasant’s style. It’s oh-so apropos since his interest in classical architecture was nurtured as a child growing up in Washington, DC. Mr. Pheasant still hails from his native DC, where he connects the best of the past with today’s innovations. He’s recently branched out with a furniture line and he’s been acknowledged by Architectural Digest as one of the Deans of American Design.

Lauren Lake – L Style Design Studio

Lauren Lake bills herself as the expert on life, love and law, and as an attorney, interior designer and television personality, she just may be. Lauren pursued her creative passions alongside a legal education and began designing professionally after graduating from law school. She specializes in turning ordinary homes into houses of style. She believes the greatest gift she can give her clients is a designer look at a knockoff price!

Katherine Newman

Katherine Newman hails from Toronto and was born into interior design – her mother was a designer as well. After teaming up with Polish Architect Peter Cebulak, Lona Designs was created. Their firm focuses on incorporating their clients eclecticism into a cohesive design, one that can express their individuality without focusing on a specific trend. Shes consistently ranked among the top designers in the industry, and continues to be in high demand.

Elissa Cullman

Elissa Cullman focuses on the preparation work in interior design, rather than the classic visionary moment we often envision in the interior design world. Her varied background of art, antiques and design led to her current design specialty, incorporating fine art and antiques collection within a homes interior design.

Sesshu Design Associates

Tanya Shively of Sesshu Design makes going green a major aspect of her interior designs. It’s that eco-friendly touch that’s giving her national recognition from her home base of Arizona. Her focus on environmentally friendly luxury interiors are making her one of the up and comers in the interior design world.