How to Make Love to Your Home

Ahh, making love. Just hearing this expression provokes blushing smiles, gentle giggles, and knowing winks. Just thinking about making love makes people instantly pensive – you can see it on their faces. The flirtation, the sweet nothings, the subtle body language, the first kiss, etc. We’re not talking about up and out dirty sex here, mind you, but making love, got it?

So how can you talk about making love and decorating in the same sexy breath? Well, if you really think about it, both activities have a lot in common. When looking to make love, do you run up to the first prostitute you see on the street? No. (I hope you said no.) When wanting to make love you have to do some research and a lot of searching. The same thing goes for interior decorating. You have to find a style (person) that you can connect with; somewhere (someone) that you want to spend some quality time with.

And that’s just the beginning. Decorating your home can take the same amount of frustrating, but rewarding, energy as making love. And they both offer great rewards like comfort, warmth, and love. So to get the best of both worlds, read our how-to guide to “Making Sweet Love to Your Home”:


It’s all about the lighting.

Picture this: a nice dinner, good wine, sexy clothes, a quiet corner in a romantic restaurant and…fluorescent lighting? No, no, no! Talk about a mood killer. The right lighting is everything. You want subtle lighting: not glaring, but glowing. Natural light in the day and a delicate darkness at night. In my opinion, natural light is the best way to approach lighting your house, but if you don’t have much natural light, here are a few great places to find home lighting ideas:


It’s all about the texture.

Warming up for that first reach for her the hand, then a slow progress to caress her face, only to move in order to connect soft lips to soft lips? Imagine finding rough calluses on the hands, bulbous pimples on the face and chapped lips. D-gusting! Texture is a major part of love making. It’s all about soft skin, silky undies, and soft clean bedding. (Guys – please clean your sheets, please?) The same goes when decorating our homes. Are you a cold leather and metal tuft lover or are you more of a lush cashmere sofa lover? Whatever the case, here are some texture ideas for the home:

First Sight

It’s all about the attitude.

Some say its love at first sight, but I really think it is attitude that attracts at first site. A confident strut is sexy for some. A tight black dress is sexy. Or for some, a tattooed and pierced motorcycled woman is sexy. To each their own, I say. The single most important aspect of your home is that it reflects you. So what is your attitude? Find it here:

Shake What You Got

It’s all about movement.

Movement is energy. Walking, dancing, strolling, running, jumping, hugging, holding, rolling, etc. All movements have a place in love making. Well, maybe not jumping because that seems a little complicated, but whatever. A fluid, continuous movement is the right idea in decorating. Open rooms with sheer flowing curtains that blow in the wind. Hanging ivy from shelves or incorporating a tall plant in the corner can make any room seem bigger; livelier. Moving from room to room should be a sexy stroll through fabrics and curtains. Even screens and floor coverings can add to the gently shifting energy throughout your home. Look here for some accessory ideas:

A Rose is a Rose

It’s all about scent.

Stinky can be sexy. Yes, that’s right. Stinky can be sexy. A hot, sweaty, shirtless man after a long run? Sexy. But, a little stinkiness goes a long way. Therefore…Women, control yourselves with the candles, please! Nobody wants to smell like a cinnamon, vanilla, rose, eucalyptus, lily bong. Here are the best sites for finding candles and good smelling ideas:

Crazy Love

It’s all about whimsy.

What is sexy about practical? Nada. Love making has to be spontaneous, fun, carefree, etc. The same goes for your living space. You might be tempted to go for the minimalist look, but be careful. Just because it’s minimal doesn’t mean it has to be cold. Open yourself up to new things, positions, colors, fabric. Break out of your box and try something new and different! Check out these ideas:

  • Weird Home Decor
  • Unique Interior Design Pictures

Physical Needs

It’s all about the thirst.

What goes with a romantic dinner? Wine. What can ruin a romantic dinner? Cheap swill. When trying to woo someone into making love with you, you don’t want to come off as cheapskate, do you? The same goes for your house. Look- you have to decide one thing: Are you Champagne? Are you Fine Wine? Are you Wine Coolers? Or are you just plain old Schlitz? What the hell am I talking about? Let me explain:

If you are Champagne, you can find your style guide here:Piccadilly Designs and Scott Allen

If you are Fine Wine, you will find your style guide here: Steampunk Fab and maybe here

If you are Wine Coolers, you will find your style guide here: Laura Ashley

If you are Schlitz, you will find your style guide here: Cowgirl Interior Design

Happy Ending

It’s all about the cuddling.

So, when it is all said and done, are we happy? Satisfied? Was it worth it? If so, you can rest, hold each other, and marvel at what you have been through together. If not, you can always keep on searching! Here are some extra bits of practical advice: