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C++ is an object oriented programming language and allows all of the aspects of the C programming language along with a few others. The idea or concept of creating classes allows for the organization of data and code in the form of objects. C and C++ programming languages will require a compiler of some kind in order to use them. C++ is more commonly used now for games than C due to the ease of managing files, assets and general organization.

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Java game programming has become more prevalent as web applications have grown in use and implementation. Java game programming is all based on the applet just as with all Java programs. Java has multiple reasons for use such as cross platform support, object orientation support, the reuses of code, low costs of development, and support from Sun Microsystems. It also supports legacy code from C and C++ as Java is based upon these languages. Some programmers prefer C and C++ as they tend to be faster, but with the efficient use of coding and the fact that Java has been greatly improved, these are no longer real obstacles for game programming in Java.

An example of Java source code: “System.out.println(“Hello World!”); // Display the string Hello World.”

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>C# is a newer programming language that takes advantage of all of C++ has to offer plus added advantages. C# games and programs can be developed much quicker but they deliver a lower quality product, about seven percent lower quality which is an acceptable loss for some. The language, being newer, almost completely locks the programmer into the Microsoft platform as support is not yet widespread, but is continuing to gain support.

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>Ada is a highly used and respected programming language used for programming on a variety of platforms and systems. It is not based on other languages but can interface with C, COBOL, and Fortran for example. Ada is also an object oriented language which allows for the easy organization of information and structure. Ada is also considered to be a moderately easy language to learn and is somewhat simple in its execution.

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>Perl borrows features form other programming languages and is in fact considered a scripting language. It was originally developed for NASA in the late 1980s for reporting, but has been developed and is used for a multitude of purposes. Perl is great at text processing and accessing system functions but suffers from the use of many special syntaxes. Some bits of code that would crash a C program would function fine in Perl but inconsistencies lead to difficult maintenance of code. Still, Perl is used in many web applications and games.

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>Python is an interpreted language capable of high level data types, object orientation, and interfaces with many systems. The language is able to be extended to C and C++ languages and has simple clean syntax making it easy for groups to alter and edit code. One of the main advantages and reasons why Python is so popular is that it has open source code and has fast development times. Python also allows the augmentation of code while the program is running in some instances allowing for rapid changes in real time.

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