The 13 Worst Fashion Fads Ever

You call that fashion? Take a look at some of today and yesterday’s fashion misfires: the 13 worst fashion fads ever! What the hell were these people thinking?

Yes, some fashion fads are meant to die a natural death, but others just won’t die, as much as you’d like them to disappear from your sight (or your memory for that matter). So without further ado…

Worst Fashion Fad #1: Shoulder pads.

Make your hips smaller by using shoulder pads to make your shoulders broader. While this is an interesting theory, shoulder pads are simply ugly! Why would you want to look like a linebacker suited up for the game – on purpose?

Worst Fashion Fad #2: Tracksuits.

Tracksuits are fine for the gym, you might say, and yes, I do agree. But what happens in the gym should stay in the gym, capiche?

Worst Fashion Fad #3: Those ubiquitous white socks.

White socks only means one thing, people: sheer laziness! Contrary to popular belief, white socks do not match everything and in fact rarely do. Do yourself a favor and buy some colored socks or turn yourself over to the fashion police right now.

Worst Fashion Fad #4: Pants with skirts.

Are you wearing pants, or are you wearing a skirt? For the love of God, stop torturing everyone and just pick one!

Worst Fashion Fad #5: Tie-dye clothing.

Pyschedelicious to some, maybe, but it looks like someone left a five year old at home alone with some paint. The result? What else would you expect: neon colors in patterns that make you cringe and only look nice when you’re on LSD.

Worst Fashion Fad #6: Small dogs in purses.

First of all, the fact that this fad even made the list means that there’s something seriously wrong with people. Living things should not be fashion accessories, period! Torturing some poor dog is not cool.

Don’t agree? Just ask yourself, who really wants to hang out in your purse?

Worst Fashion Fad #7: Crocs shoes.

Comfortable, yes, and nice to have if you’re working in your backyard flower garden. Otherwise, just save yourself the embarrassment of wearing shoes that look like a candy-colored industrial experiment gone horribly wrong.

Worst Fashion Fad #8: Heart-shaped sunglasses.

Question: How old are you? Anyone over the age of five has no business wearing heart-shaped sunglasses, especially pink ones. So yes, Katie Perry, I’m talking to you!

Worst Fashion Fad #9: Mullets.

Did they cut the front of your hair and give up halfway through because it was just too much effort to finish the job, or what exactly is going on there? It’s all about long hair or short hair. Just make up your friggin’ mind.

Worst Fashion Fad #10: Low-hanging pants.

No one wants to see your ass. ‘Nuff said.

Worst Fashion Fad #11: See-through shirts.

If you want everyone to see your bra, then just forgo the formality of wearing a shirt, okay?

Worst Fashion Fad #12: Overalls.

If you’re not a farmer working in your field, then steer clear! Or you’ll look like a steer. Overalls are flattering on so few people.

Worst Fashion Fad #13: Sandals with socks.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish here (besides looking like an idiot)? If you’re cold, just wear some real shoes or some boots. Sandals should be limited to a warm summer day.

I’m sure there are a lot of other fashion fads that could be added to this list, but I think that’s enough to debunk for today.