Website Trends for 2010 the Hottest Design Trends Right Now

Website designers like to stay on top of what is hot and trendy right now. For 2010 there are some hot trends that are exciting, new, nostalgic and bold all at the same time. If you are looking for a website that is hot right now here are some things to keep in mind:

Big is Better

Bigger is better despite what you may have heard elsewhere. Oversized banners and logos are the hottest trend. Large graphics taking up most of the homepage are one of the hottest trends. Designers want the websites to be remembered so they focus on exciting graphics and a simple navigation window for the homepage of a site.

If you are going to design a site like this make sure the graphic does not take too long to load or people may not wait long enough. Also have a mobile version of the site so it looks good on mobile phones.

Sketches and Hand Drawn Graphics

Hand drawn and sketch graphics are gaining popularity because they are whimsical and memorable. OK, we admit this is not the newest idea in the industry but nonetheless they are gaining popularity.

Don’t worry if you are not Van Gogh when it comes to sketching. Perfection is not the goal, whimsy and unique is the goal.

To Font or Not to Font

Gone are the days of one type font. Use typography to make a page look interesting and unique. The right use of fonts can really transform a boring website into a great site. Mix and match fonts and font sizes to create visually appealing looks that focus attention where you want it focused.

Check how the fonts look on different browsers and different screen sizes so you can be certain that they look good and are readable.

Put it on a Slab

Slab fonts are becoming increasingly more popular. These bold, broad fonts (picture the WANTED posters from old western movies) are being used more in 2010 than ever before as graphic designers begin to play with fonts. The fonts may be old but their use is relatively new.

Modal Boxes

Modal boxes are a more sophisticated type of pop-up that is used for forms. They look better and are easy to create. You can use modal boxes for forms, logins, etc. Usability is the key to modal boxes which is why designers love them.

Bold Minimalism

Bold minimalism? The two may seem at odds but a minimalist approach to a webpage with lots of white space and bold fonts is becoming a hot trend These sites use typography to emphasize key points and very little color. The minimal use of color makes any color that is used stand our more. Entire sites can be designed with this type of look and feel.

These are just a few of the website trends for 2010. You will undoubtedly find others including retro, oversized footers and more. Take a look at some of the graphic design school sites to discover the hottest wesite trends and how to execute them.