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How to Secure a Tattoo Apprenticeship

A lot of people want to learn how to tattoo. They basically have two options: either get a DIY kit and learn how to do it for themselves or try and get a tattoo apprenticeship. … Read more

Adams The Tetons and the Snake River

Photography Internships

Budding professional photographers may want to consider an internship to gain new insight and sharpen their skills along with learning philosophy of a certain facet. Internships allow for personal, hands-on experience with set designers, stylists, … Read more

kids and cameras

Digital Cameras in the Classroom

In today’s world, a working knowledge of technology is often essential. Most jobs require some level of technical know-how. Technology isn’t stagnant, but rather dynamic: always changing, updating and making older equipment and software obsolete. For … Read more

Fashion Designer Takes Motor City by Storm

While most people would consider Chicago more the ‘it’ city of the Midwest, Detroit is displaying a powerful movement towards permanently snatching the fashion tiara off the Windy City’s head. For over seven years now … Read more

Green Revolution in Spain

Treehugger has a great article about the current protests in Spain. The Indignados (Outraged) have been camping out for about two weeks in Madrid’s main plaza, Puerta del Sol. The protests have steadily grown in number and are … Read more

Exclusive Interview with “Larkitect” Derek Diedricksen

A few weeks ago I posted an article about the world’s most loveable “big-kid” designer, Derek “Deek” Diedricksen, whose mini dwellings have captured attention for being at once imaginative and functional. You can explore his structures in his … Read more

One Small Box for Man…Some Giant Fun for Mankind

Deep in the woods of Massachussetts (not quite, but it sounds intrepid), lives Derek Diedricksen, the world’s most innovative scavenger. Littered (‘scuse the pun) around his backyard are a whole host of characters from the diminutive, … Read more