European Chic Fashion Tips

Looking to go Euro-chic and tossing your frumpy fashion to the aisles of JC Penny from whenst it came? How exactly does one bust out of the slumpy style to get that trendy look found in magazines and the streets of Paris?


While clothes certainly make the European chic fashion, the hair is usually the first to go in the makeover process. Rarely does long, straight hair make the cut in European chic. Short bobs, dramatic asymmetrical cuts and wild do’s are a must-have for this look.

While blondes do have more fun, it seems the brunettes take front and center stage in this look. Could it be because Victoria Beckham is the epitome of Euro style?

Unnatural hair colors have always had a place in Europe, and they will forever be worn by those looking for a radical change in their lives. Reds, hints of purple on black and wild streaks never go out of style across the pond, and they wear them well on the streets of France.

Now certainly we don’t condone dying your hair purple and labeling yourself Euro chic – but as a part of an overall style upgrade, those funky colors can be put to good use.

Over-coiffed is a no-no for the style. Loose curls, stick straight or even messy do’s are much more apropos on the streets of Paris and Milan. The main thing to remember, your hairstyle should not look like you spent any time on it whatsoever! The slicked back look Ms. Beckham is so fond of is actually a play on having no time for a real hairstyle, so just slick it out of the way.


Dramatic shoes take front and center stage. Oh, those Europeans love their footwear, not to mention their high heels, but how do they manage on the cobblestone streets? Bold footwear is a must have for the look, but if four inch heels are out of the question, funky boots can slip right into the mix.

You can get away with flats for casual chic dress. Ballet flats always lend a flair to casual pants. White sneakers, even classic Keds, are definitely not in the mix for this look. Tennis shoes are designated for use ONLY for workouts, not the grocery store.

L.A.’s Mona Moore is considered THE place for Euro chic shoes


Black is always in fashion, but complete black from head to toe not a necessity. Classic black and white paired with a hot red is always a favorite in European fashion. Heavy patterns are a no-no and classic combinations are a must. Deep chocolate and rich plum colors, along with some deep grays, have popped up in European chic styles.

The secret is to keep the colors to basics that can go from day to evening wear.


One major difference you’ll find between European women and U.S. women is their skin. European women have better skin, they’ve been taught to focus on skin beauty from the inside out, and it shows. This means they can also get away with wearing less makeup than their American counterparts.

European women don’t usually go overboard with makeup. They use it like it’s supposed to be used, playing up the good and playing down the bad.


Matched accessories are out, mix and match in for the European chic look. The boxed sets of necklaces, bracelets and earrings are a definite no-no. Bold pieces make the look, but pare down other jewelry to let them make the statement.

Of course, scarves are big in Europe, and even in summer wardrobes they come into play with light, gauzy or linen pieces. Try tying scarves in different ways to get different looks – they’re plenty of websites to show you how, such as the Scarf Tying Guide or check out the classic scarf website of Hermes.

Belts are the norm in the wonderful world of Europe and take the frump out of any tunic length blouse. Sunglasses and reading glasses are excellent European Chic accessories as well.


Quality defines European chic clothing. It’s certainly not emblazoned with labels, for that would be just too ‘in your face’, and that is not what this style is about.

Thankfully, jeans play a big role in the Euro chic wardrobe; they should be well fitting, not tight, and classic. Paired with a simple white, cotton, button down men’s oxford tied at the waist, you can have more style in a casual pair of jeans than any fashionista in the Valley could ever hope for! Slip on your ballet flats and ooh-la-la, you’re smokin’!

For chilly Euro chic – the classic trench is a must-have. Long, short and everything in between works for the belted, button down trench coat. Of course, the must have accessory scarf is thankfully in order as well! Casual cardigans go over big in getting the look for fall.

For daytime Euro glamour, pencil skirts, especially in black are the Euro uniform of the day at work. Any outfit that can slip from day to evening is good bet for European chic wardrobes.

The little, black dress is another must-have. Sleek, thin shapes reign supreme, unfortunately for those who aren’t so sleek and slim. But at least they’re black and have the slimming effect!

Many European shops are coming to our rescue and bringing their wares to the States. Some of our favorites may just be coming soon to a town near you.

  • Top Shop – A British favorite that has hit the streets of New York
  • ZARA – The most popular clothings store in Spain, Zara has expanded to major cities in the U.S.
  • H&M – Brought to you by the Swedes, H&M is making a big splash in the U.S. – as in the store’s physical size. Like their iconic Ikea, Swedish shops tend to be quite large scale!
  • Anthropologie – This mix of clothing and home décor is sure to become one of your favorites, their sundresses and shoes are unrivalled in the Euro chic category.