Game Art & Design Careers

Video Game Design Careers Sizzle

It’s the kind of job children dream of and adults drool over: working in the fast and furiously paced video game industry. If you want to make your mark in this multi-billion dollar industry, enjoy the knowledge that as video games become increasingly complex, demand should sky rocket for skilled, educated, and above-all passionate video game designers.

What Does a Video Game Designer Do?

Sometimes people lump the work of video game designers, programmers, and developers together. However, because gaming technology is becoming more complex, the designer usually serves a separate function. Video game designers are responsible for a game’s concept, layout, and game-play. Programmers create the game’s code, and developers prepare the game for publication.

What’s it Take to Land Video Game Design Careers?

To land that coveted video game design career, you need more than a love for gaming. Critical thinking, problem solving, and deadline driven, you must show potential employers that you not only have wide personal knowledge of the industry, but that you’ve committed to educational advancement in the field. Game nuts are a dime a dozen, but the serious success stories are generally folks who have studied game design.

Video Game Design Careers: Shoot for a Strong Educational Background

A lot goes into designing that new hit game. In addition to major visual appeal and intense graphic effects, game designers must have their pulse on pop culture and an understanding of human psychology. It’s not surprising that many video game design career professionals have a background in the liberal arts with a bachelor’s degree in a specialty such as digital entertainment, game art, or simulation programming.


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