How healthy is the current market for careers in Web Design?

Web Design Careers Are Hot and Hotter

In today’s global economy, a strong Internet presence is a must for most businesses. The number of people who access the World Wide Web on a daily basis is growing by the millions, and more and more Websites are sprouting up to entertain, inform, and serve that growing population. It’s no wonder Web design careers are multiplying at break-neck speed–companies need skilled and educated Web designers who can create an appealing and effective Web presence.

Web Design School Teaches Industry-Current Skills

In order to succeed in a Web design career you must possess artistic and technological aptitudes, creative and critical thinking and problem solving skills, and have the ability to work closely with clients. Ditch that image of the computer nerd–successful Web designers are dynamic, multi-faceted professionals. Web Design school can help you fine-tune your natural abilities while you learn the skills employers crave. Web design school can provide you with the ability to use industry-current software and hone your eye for design. Courses in interface design, multimedia development, JavaScript, and HTML can prepare you for countless Web design careers, and many programs allow you to attend classes online.

Great Pay and Bright Employment Prospects for Web Design Careers

The America Institute of Graphic Arts reported that in 2006 Web designers earned a media salary of $48,000. And the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that graphic designers skilled in Web design have the best employment prospects among all the design professions.


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