How to choose an graphic design school

If you’ve decided to pursue a fulfilling career in graphic design, then the very first thing you should be researching is which graphic designing school is right for you. The education you’ll receive at graphic designing school will provide the foundation of your graphic arts knowledge, thus making you widely marketable to potential employers. But what should you take into consideration while looking for the right graphic designing school? First, find the answers to these questions:

  • What characteristics are you looking for in a graphic designing school? Some of these characteristics include: size of school, length of program, faculty accomplishments, admission requirements, assessment methods, and school costs.
  • What are you interested in studying specifically? With different emphases in graphic design study, you’ll need to decide what yours will be and which design schools offer it.

Now that you have a preliminary set of distinguishing criteria, you’ll have to find and research different schools and then narrow them down according to the previously established criteria.

The easiest way to find the characteristics of certain schools is by requesting campus information via mail or by visiting the school’s website. Any institution of higher learning-whether it’s a vocational school, art and design school, junior college, or a four year university or college-will have valuable material available in the admissions office regarding all campus life and program characteristics. So when faced with deciding which graphic design school is right for you, remember there are two parts to the equation: distinguishing your own necessary criteria and the process of elimination.