How to choose an interior design school

When choosing which interior designing school to attend, there are a few things you should figure out before applying.

  • Program. Does the program offer the interior design courses you would like to take? Does the school employ instructors whose interior design work you respect? Is the program hands-off or hands on?
  • Requirements.Do you meet all the requirements of the program? Look for what kind of prior education, coursework, certificates, or experience in interior design are needed as qualifications. Also, check to make sure transcripts, recommendations, and portfolios (if needed) are ready to go with your application.
  • Aid. Does the interior designing school participate in federal and state financial aid programs administered by the Department of Education? Does the school offer their own scholarships, grants, and work-study for potential students?
  • Portfolio. Does the program require a completed interior design portfolio at the end of your coursework? You’ll need something viable to show potential employers.
  • Community. What kind of community is there inside the interior designing school? What is the student-body make-up? Is it a close-knit community of interior designers or one that is more set up for individual practice?
  • Location. Is the school located in an area you could see yourself living in happily and affordably? Add up your projected living, travel, work, school, and recreational expenses for living in that area so you know if you can afford it.

Your answers to these questions will help you narrow down which interior designing school is the best fit for your lifestyle.

American Society of Interior Designers