Floral Design Degree Programs, Certificate & Training

Floral design programs are a great way to expand upon a hobby or train for an exciting new career.

Whether students wish to be floral professionals, learn about floral design for personal enrichment, or are looking to expand into another area of artistry, the Floral Design program is bound to be the perfect fit.

In such a program, students will learn everything they need to know about how to balance styles and textures, as well as how to have an eye for flower type and beauty, and how to create style and balance in their designs.

Floral design is an art in itself, and while many people are born with an affinity for caring for, clipping, and arranging flowers true floral design is more than thatit’s about creating a work of art.

For those who are looking at a career in art that doesn’t involve paint, clay, or brushes, floral design is a great way to go. Students can learn the skills necessary to make weddings an event to remember or just create smaller designs for people who want to show somebody special in their lives just how much they mean to them.

This program is also helpful for those who would like to learn to create centerpieces for special events and holidays, or just arrange floral designs in their own homes. Industry professionals are often employed to teach students the basics as well as instruct them in hands-on methods of this beautiful floral artistry.