Art History Resources

What is Art History?

That is a question that many students will ask when they enter college and begin to broaden their horizons. Art history is essentially the study of art, how artists worked and how their work influenced others. For more information on what art history is, see:

Art Libraries are another place to find more information on the history of art. These libraries are located around the world and many have websites with historical and biographical information detailed inside such as:

Art Conferences are held by different organizations on an annual basis. Professors, students, and experts in the field learn more about up and coming artists as well as discuss events and artists important in the community. A few of those conferences include:

Art Research Tools are available online to help students learn more about a particular movement, artist or piece. These tools let students see how the history of art developed over time and how different artists worked. A few good resources include:

Online Art History Teaching Resources are meant to make things easier for the teacher by helping the teacher find terms to use in quizzes or study guides. Teachers can point their students towards the study guides for additional help, or use them as a required reading. The following resources can be quite helpful.

Art History Organizations are open to students, professors, experts and those interested in art history. Many of the organizations offer conferences every year, while others have monthly meetings. It’s a good place to network and learn more about art history. A few art history organizations are listed below.

Online Art Publications are sometimes related to regular art magazines and newsletters, though they publish information online. They list articles about art and artists as well as information on movements and events. There are many online art publications such as:

Art History Forums are a good place for those interested in art history to discuss topics and themes with other art lovers and appreciators. Users can register for an account, comment on current topics and start topics of their own. Two places with forums include: