Boston Fashion Week finally gets a tent

Boston Fashion Week is coming up, and one thing that many designers in the area wanted was an actual tent for fashion designers to show their creations properly – on a runway. They finally got their wish. According to the Boston Globe, this year marks a first where a 3,000-square-foot tent, which will sit between the Prudential Center and the Mandarin Oriental hotel, will be the venue for various runway shows.

Even though the price of the tent was not cheap, investors made it happen, and now fashion designers, well-known or unknown, will be showing off their best creations, according to the media outlet.

“I’m sick of people rolling their eyes and complaining about fashion in Boston,” Marie Galvin, a local hat designer, told the news source. “It has improved dramatically and there are great newcomers here. This is a big step toward showing that.”

According to the Boston Herald, the spokeswoman for the Mandarin Oriental hotel, Edwina Kluender, expressed that this tent would have never been a factor if the designers and residents didn’t believe that Boston was capable of putting on such a show.