Schools for Professional and Commercial Photography

Commercial and Professional Photography programs prepare students to pursue a wide range of careers using the art and science of photography.

There are degree programs available in commercial and professional photography that can teach students how to use a camera to express thoughts and feelings. These educational programs also teach students the fundamentals and commercial side of the photography business. A degree in professional and commercial photography can prepare you to work in a variety of different fields such as fashion photography, portrait photography, photojournalism, and much more.

The coursework for a commercial and professional photography degree involves studying basic art principles like color theory and design, art history, and photographic styles and techniques. Students will learn the fundamentals of darkroom development and film editing, and they also learn how to use filters, specialty lenses, flashes and other tools.

Admission requirements vary from school to school. Many commercial and professional photography programs require prospective students to submit their portfolio as part of the application process. Talent is a part of what makes a successful commercial and professional photographer, but talent alone is not enough to make it in this business. The educational programs are necessary to help photographers gain the skills, establish valuable business connections, and secure internships.

Commercial and fashion photography involves taking pictures of various buildings, landscapes, people and products to be used in different forms of media such as advertising, magazines or catalogs. There is a lot of competition in the field of commercial and fashion photography. To stand out in this field, a photographer needs to be able to utilize both skill and creativity.

Photojournalism, also known as news photography, involves using a camera to record people, places, sporting events, political events and much more. Most photojournalists are part of the newspaper staff, but some prefer to work as freelance photographers who sell their photos to a variety of news sources.

Commercial and professional photography courses can prepare students for an exciting and creative career in whatever specialty they choose.