Requirements for Interior Design

It is important to understand the complete admission requirements for interior design school prior to applying. However, before you even get to the admission requirements for interior design school, remember two things. First, a potential interior designer must have the right personality requirements: creative, artistic, disciplined, and organized. Second, you must research several interior design programs, paying particular attention to program length, faculty, location, costs, and course of study, so that you may find the best fit. Once you’ve made the personal commitment and found the right program, most admission requirements for interior design school look like this:

  • Application Form
  • Application Fee
  • Proof of High School Diploma or Equivalent

Depending on the program, you might also be asked to submit:

  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • Personal Essay
  • Portfolio

An interior design portfolio consists of a student’s previous design work either in the print or digital reproduction. The personal essay usually describes why a student has chosen interior design as his or her field of study. It generally encompasses the short and long term goals of the student, as well as any past experiences, influences, or hardships that have shaped the student’s life. Letters of recommendation can be obtained from high school teachers or art and design teachers that know the work of the student well and can make a beneficial testament to the character of the student. Once you’ve completed the admission requirements for interior design school, all you have to do is wait for your acceptance for admission.

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