Singapore’s Water Polo Team’s Cresent Moon Causes a “Rise” in the Conservative Nation

Singapore, a conservative nation-state, has been left red-faced at the Asian Games by its own water polo team’s controversial uniform. The team’s swimming trunks were originally designed to display the nation’s flag which has a red back ground, a white crescent moon, and 5 white stars. The bottom half of the flag is a stark white block which, ironically, represents purity. As evidence that someone in this nation has a sense of humor, the white crescent moon was strategically placed in dead center of the swimming trunks leaving one to believe that the swimmers are very, very happy to be participating in the event.

Described as “disgusting”, “nauseating”, and “disgraceful” by the Singapore’s Straits newspaper, the design is causing quite an uproar in the national press.

But even if the team was embarrassed enough to change the uniforms for something less uplifting, they are powerless to do anything. The competition rules state that all swimming trunks must be approved beforehand and may not be changed during the course of the competition.

On the upside, Singapore’s women seem to have gained a new found interest in Water Polo.

See the actual photo here.