Steampunk – What is it, how do I get it and do I even want it?

Where do I begin? There is no way to describe Steampunk in just a few words. Here, I refer to Steampunk as “Victorian inspired design with a punk twist, blasted with an iron and metal tint and a pinch of science fiction.” That was the best way I could describe this mystery called Steampunk.

And, of course, you have to distinguish Steampunk Fashion from Steampunk Interior Design.

Basically, if you want to dress up as a Steampunk icon, you have some work to do. If you want to decorate your house in the Steampunk Design…well, let’s just say you’ve got a boat load of work to do. In fact, quit your job now so you can fully dedicate yourself to your Steampunk Design. It’s a lot of work. But hey, no obsession comes easy, right?
Steampunk Fashion

It’s goggles, spectacles, top hats, velvet, brooches, monocles, corsets, and more! That is Steampunk fashion and it doesn’t stop there. Look here for the ultimate in Steampunk clothing and accessories.

Steampunk Interior Design

I really don’t even feel good calling it Steampunk Interior Design. Why? Because I consider Steampunk a verb, that’s why. It’s the same as saying “Wow, they just demolished that house!” You could say, “Wow, that house just got Steampunked!” What the hell do I mean?

Take Bruce and Melanie Rosenblaum for example. They don’t decorate homes, they steampunk them! Look at their Modern Victorian Home Restoration Steampunk Design page here or their Steampunk Innovations, Inventions and Gadgetry Page, SteamPuffin. Bruce and Melanie began a long and arduous process of repairing a leaky roof and ended up in the restoration business. They launched a new venture in 2007 to buy and restore old Victorian homes and they use the Steampunk design as an integral part of their vision.

To really know how active these two are in the world of Steampunk, take a look at their upcoming events:

  • Waltham, MA:Steampuffin’s 1st Annual Steampunk Form & Fashion Design Competition
  • Foxboro, MA:  Steampuffin is working with 5 Wits to open Nemo’s Steampunk Art Gallery at Patriot Place — opening in September 2010.
  • Newton, MA:  Steampuffin is partnering with Deluxe Station Diner to present the first Steampunk-themed Family Restaurant in the country– open this summer. The restaurant and new Steampunk Art Gallery will be located in an historic train station in Newton Center, Mass. The art gallery will feature art works from all over the country, Victorian equipment, etc.
  • Bruce and Melanie are also working on a Steampunk book — Steampunk Art and Design: Functional to Fantastical Innovations, Inventions and Gadgetry for the Modern Victorian.

Whew! That’s a lot of Steampunk!

And here are some more resources for those who are awakening to this Steampunk re-ageing of an old age: