Interactive Media and Web Design Certificate

Interactive web design is the new frontier of the web, and is increasingly becoming a part of everyday life.

Interactive web design presents a new creative challenge almost every day. This is the perpetual new frontier of the web, where new techniques and technologies demand constant attention and continuing education. While there is no set formal education requirement for becoming an interactive designer, a solid foundation in web design with a focus on interactive technology is key to a lucrative career in the corporate world.

An interactive web design education includes a wide variety of courses including:

Game Design

Computer games are the ultimate in interactive design with virtually hundreds of interactive features reacting to both user and environment. Game designing requires an extensive education covering the gamut of computer-related topics from graphics to logic.

Interactive Media

In the increasingly complicated internet user experience, interactive media application programming can include everything from gaming to choosing new programming for cable television service to trying out a new hairstyle after the user uploads their own photo. Almost every professional site on the web today contains some form of interactive media.

Multimedia Application Development

This course includes in-depth studies of digitizing graphics, image compression and lossless compression, vector and raster formats, image rendering, followed by animation, sound, and graphics programming.

Database Programming

Most interactive multimedia programs require collection of data based on user input. This data is stored and used to produce calculated results such as objects won by player actions during a game, or billing information passed through a shopping cart to complete a purchase. An interactive web designer must know how to build databases to store and utilize this information as necessary.