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Eco-friendly Hotel Design

It’s important for us to save and conserve energy wherever we can. With the focus on reducing our carbon footprint and becoming more energy conscious, designers and architects are quickly adapting to implement energy saving … Read more

Macro of a human eye with spectrum colors in the iris looking at camera. Picture converted to black and white except for the iris.

Web Design Basics: Theory of Colors

Our world is filled with color and it might be hard for some to imagine a world without color – whether it’s the majestic blue of a clear spring sky, the vibrant red of a … Read more

Web Design

Web Design Trends for 2012

The internet is a constantly changing universe. Something that could be popular one moment could be a passed fad the very next. However, two things that appear to be upcoming trends in 2012 are responsive … Read more

Invitation Feat

How to Succeed as a Professional Invitation Designer

Everyone wants to be successful in their career, but for those in invitation design, the road to success can be hard to find. Schools offer design courses for advertising and websites, but not so much for invitations. … Read more

A guide a internships

A Guide to Internships

Image by MAX CHERNITSOV via Flickr Internships are excellent for college students and even a wise investment for professional adults who are considering a change in careers. With Design of the Times’ new feature on Internships and … Read more

artist drawing

Comic Book Art: Redefined and Rediscovered

There was a time when it seemed every young artist scrambled to become a comic book artist in that golden hey day when the industry was booming, churning out title after title in a roiling … Read more

Oriente Station Lisboa roof

Architecture Internships

Architectural internships are rather plentiful which bodes very well for the prospective architect cum intern. Almost all require very good written and verbal communication and AutoCAD skills; most seek interns who are self-starters with excellent … Read more

Seamstress Internships

Image via Wikipedia If you think you have the drive and talent to become a seamstress, internships are an excellent way to spend experience the lifestyle and work environment of a chosen career field. Always write … Read more