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Industrial design programs cover both industrial design and vehicle design, depending on the program. The goal of these programs is to give the students the skills and abilities they need to work in the field as a professional. The students learns how to make products better and how to give customers what they want out of a product.

In simple terms, theses students focus on taking an idea and making it better. They begin doing this as soon as they start taking classes by working with existing products. As their coursework progresses, they work with more popular items and also create products of their own. The students learn to harness their own ideas, work with tools to create or change a product and make the final changes to a product.

Students also learn technical skills relating to the creation or design of a product. This relates to cars and other vehicles, and also a variety of other products such as furniture and toys. They learn how to make 3-D models and models on the computer to show potential clients how they would change the product. The students take classes in business to learn professional ethics and how the business of industrial design works.

Once the student finishes their degree program, they usually work in the design field. There are many students who attend graduate school to continue their education, but many others take an entry-level job. They work for large corporations as consultants to help change existing products and as designers to create new products. They may also work in advertising and marketing firms as consultants.

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