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Conceptual ideas as well as straight interpretation depend on a number of artistic and professional disciplines to bring them to fruition.

Luckily, graphic design schools put at your fingertips the techniques so that you can develop and improve ideas using your finely-tuned skills. In graphic design school you will study such things as color, typography, branding, print, packaging, and many other topics. You will be prepared to produce artwork, solve creative issues, communicate ideas, and follow cultural and aesthetic trends within the art and design fields.

Browse the school list below for the technical training in visual communication and presentation. You will find instruction in the fields of 3D, computer animation, digital design, game art design, graphic art and illustration, motion graphics, and multimedia, as well as different online graphic arts degrees.

Some of the possible jobs you will find include:

  • Graphic Designer
  • creative director
  • branding and identity designer
  • publication designer
  • flash designer
  • illustrator and web designer.

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Become a part of a creative team and learn how to plan, design, or direct print ads, and even bigger campaigns (discovering what is graphic design).

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