Video Animation

Video animation and production programs appeal to artists and computer enthusiasts

By combining the artist’s ability to express creatively and the computer technology to bring it to life, visual communications is at the forefront of our lives.

From the humble beginnings of Mickey Mouse to the high-tech world of The Incredibles, video animation has captured the attention of both children and adults around the world. Visual communications has affected our culture and enhanced our lifestyles through animation.

Professionals in this career field communicate in numerous artistic forms while using digital technology to entertain, inform, and educate. Concepts such as motion graphics, video production, audio/video technology, 3D modeling and animation are all part of the world of visual communications.

Video Animation certificate programs provide a basic education in the skills needed to gain entry-level positions in multiple industries. Most can be completed within a year and require courses in desktop publishing, graphics, copy writing, image editing and web page design. A basic level of artistic ability outside the computer arena is necessary, as some freehand animation is expected in creating new concepts.

These certificates are transferrable to most four-year universities where the student selects a specific area of concentration to acquire further knowledge and experience.

Fine Arts and Design Schools offer an Associate and Bachelor degree program in visual communications. Some have a focus on Video & Animation Production and others concentrate on Video Gaming sciences. Multimedia concepts are taught in graphic design. Students develop proficiency in software programs used for computer animation.

Core subjects include computer science, applied math and science, artificial intelligence, computer animation/simulation, and advanced computer graphics. Additional classes help the student with building and presenting a professional portfolio; business communications and strategies for successful business practices; and, decision making and ethics.

Graduates of video animation programs are prepared to enter the field of computer animation, game art and game design, animators, graphic design, and multimedia management. Outside the entertainment industry are advertising agencies, website developers and graphic design firms.

Whether it’s the lure of creating the next popular video game or being a part of the next feature film in animation, a degree in video and animation production is the start on the path to success.