Schools for Jewelry and Accessory Design

The design of jewelry and the repair of such products all fall under the educational category of Jewelry and Accessory Design programs

Students studying in one of these programs learn the basics of creating different types of jewelry, as well as the different elements used in the design of the jewelry. They also learn the principles of color theory and the basics of marketing.

The main classes a student takes revolves around the design of jewelry, as well as the repair of jewelry pieces. They learn metallurgy techniques and how to bend or twist the metal to create certain pieces. They also take classes in composition, or how the design works together. Students also learn the elements of jewelry use, as in designing pieces that customers wear.

Jewelry and accessory design programs teach students how to create drawings of their designs and then how to take those designs and make them into 3-D representations. They learn drawing techniques to create the basic technique and also computer skills to draw those designs into a 2-D image. They then learn how to turn their drawing into a real piece of jewelry.

Many of these programs also encourage students to take classes in business and public relations or communications. This teaches the students how to set prices on their merchandise, advertise their designs, and work with potential clients. The program also allows students to design their own jewelry and create pieces they can use in the future.

Students who study jewelry design work in several different fields. They work as jewelry designers for major companies and smaller boutiques, as well as designers for their own company. They also work in the retail world as either a repair specialist or a sales associate.