Sewing & Dressmaking Schools

Students who study Dressmaking will learn the basic principles of design and fashion.

Students interested in Dressmaking and Design programs have the option of studying on campus or via correspondence. This design course covers seven main concepts.

  • An Introduction to Sewing – Students will learn the history of sewing, and the different types of modern sewing. Also covered in this lesson set are an introduction to stitches, seams, and patterns.
  • An Introduction to the Sewing Machine – It covers proper handling of the machine, and also general maintenance and troubleshooting. Students learn sewing techniques, and how to apply tension appropriates.
  • Identifying Fibers and Fabrics – In this set, students learn the difference between fabrics and how to select an appropriate fabric. This set also covers binding, cutting, interfacing, and marking fabrics.

Advanced Dressmaking – Along with the basics of cutting fabrics, and finding the appropriate fit, this course covers more advanced sewing projects, including lining, shoulder pads, and pleats. Students also learn how to make more complicated clothing, like trousers and jackets.Fasteners and Decorative Touches – This lesson set covers embroidery materials and fasteners of all types, including zippers, buttons, and hooks. Students are given an overview of embroidery tools and how to apply decorative materials correctly.Fashion – Students learn the basics of creative design, including line, color, proportion, and scale. The lesson explores non-standard garments, such as underwear, pajamas, maternity, and infant ware.Alterations and Fittings – This lesson covers altering necklines, waistlines, and hemlines. Additionally, students learn how to draft patterns and create original designs.