Fashion Marketing & Merchandising Schools

A degree in Fashion Marketing, Merchandising & Retail Programs prepares candidates to apply for competitive jobs in the industry.

In the Fashion Marketing and Design industry, it’s often difficult to differentiate between the key players. Designers often market their own products, while marketing personnel sometimes spend late nights at the office going over the latest designs, trying to find a way to most effectively get them noticed. In a career where there is such a blurring of the traditional roles, it can be beneficial for both sides of the aisle, design and marketing, to understand how the other side works.

Thankfully, degree programs in Fashion Marketing, Merchandising & Retail can help industry workers gain a better understanding of the roles their colleagues enjoy. A course of study including Fashion Marketing, Merchandising & Retail can assist marketing and design personnel by melding both sides of the job into a cohesive whole, allowing both sides to work more efficiently. The program will show designers how they can best formulate their designs to appeal to the largest possible audience, while simultaneously giving marketing agents a course which will show them the limitations within which designers must work.

Learning patternmaking, as well as how to sketch designs will help the marketing agents better understand the stresses and specific pitfalls of the design side of the business, while learning how to design a marketing plan will show the creative designers how to interact with buyers, suppliers, and retail personnel. Both sides will learn how to best predict industry trends, giving all involved an edge that neither enjoyed before.