Design Management Schools

Design management programs prepare students for management careers in the creative industries.

Design management programs prepare students for entry level positions in artistic careers. Students in design management programs can expect to attend not only art and design classes, but also a wide range of business-related classes. These courses are designed to get students ready for careers as marketing directors and creative strategists.

The courses available in design management programs vary among schools, but they all have the same basic concept. Students are expected to learn not only about design and the creative process, but also about how to manage a company, or a department within a company. Students will learn about marketing, accounting, and business finance. They will also learn about managing creative teams, concept development, and how to best inspire their teams to complete projects in a timely manner. Students will take a variety of art courses, as well as math, computer, and writing courses to fully prepare them for their future careers.

There are many careers available for students who have completed a design management program. Just starting out, most students are hired into entry level positions as project assistants and team members. As students move up in their careers, they may move into positions such as brand designers, creative directors, visual experience designers, product developers, and design directors. All of these careers will put the student at the head of one or more creative teams, with the responsibility of overseeing all the creative content being generated. Design management programs can put students on the fast track to success in the creative industry of their choice.