Visual Communications Schools & Degree Programs

Visual communications programs combine business and artistic sensibilities to teach students to effectively convey messages using words and images.

Visual communications combines two mediawords and imagesto convey messages. Words and images are powerful communication tools on their own, but when used together in an effective way, they deliver messages that stick with the intended audience. Visual communications is the practice of influencing the world through text and design by selling a product, telling a story, or educating an audience.

Solid visual communications programs combine esthetic and technical sensibilities. Students learn design by putting pencil to paper, as well as hand to mouse. Classes in digital design, advertising design, and graphic design, coupled with a course in illustration, prepare students for careers as designers. Possible career paths include website design, graphic design, publishing, advertising, illustration, and photography.

Visual design is everywhere, from logos, brochures, and packaging, to billboards, book covers, and websites. Visual communications offers the opportunity to make a significant impact when selling a product or promoting a business. The field combines the best of artistic creativity with business professionalism.

Graduates are prepared to work independently as freelance designers, or with design companies. Visual communications professionals are in demand, with many cities offering plenty of opportunities to earn a living through the dynamic use of words and pictures.