interior decorating schools

Home remodeling and interior decoration programs prepare professionals to help homeowners in designing and executing home renovation.

A professional in home remodeling and interior decoration is ideally prepared to help homeowners with their renovation plans. These professionals help homeowners plan space usage, and aid them in choosing appliances and planning ways to build them into the space. They also make estimates, plan schedules, and prepare contracts.

People remodel their homes for a variety of reasons. Some want aesthetic improvements. Some need to provide accommodations for handicapped individuals or the elderly. Some want to make their homes more eco-friendly. A home remodeling and interior decoration professional must be prepared to meet the needs of a variety of clients.

To prepare for this profession, students need both education and hands-on experience in a variety of areas. They must learn to inspect all building materials and judge the suitability and quality or those materials; to make schedules; to estimate expenses; and to evaluate both the interior and exterior of houses. They should have coursework in building theory and application, spatial design, building codes, construction methods, and home repair. Some programs also include training in computer-aided design.

Home remodeling and interior decoration professionals sometimes work for contractors, design firms, or architects. However, they are well positioned to open their own businesses. Demand for professionals in this area is rising.