Audio Production Schools

Information on audio production schools. This includes the classes students take and the skills they learn.

The degrees for audio production, radio production and several of the broadcasting disciplines fall under the banner of audio production programs. These programs also include areas such as professional and independent recording and digital broadcasting. The skills students learn in their courses ready them for a career as a professional audio producer.

The focus of this program is on teaching students the ins and outs of digital recording and producing. The courses students take teach them the basics of production when it comes to audio recording. They learn how to work in broadcast media, non-broadcast media and with private clients or customers.

Students also learn skills relating to the business side of production, which they can use later when working on professional projects. They learn how to budget their time and money, and how to create ideas for a specific project and implement the steps to finish the project. They also spend time in the recording studio to familiarize themselves with the techniques and equipment.

The students also have the chance to take classes in video production. They learn skills relating to the production of videos including shooting, the soundtrack recording and the editing of the finished product. Students can also take additional classes in advertising, marketing and communication to better their chances at finding a job.

Those who finish their course of study tend to work in the video and audio production fields. They work as freelance producers, script writers, directors and consultants. They also work as sound and video editors for movie studios, productions studios and television studios.