Multimedia Design Degrees & Courses

Students interested in multimedia design degrees and courses can find work in almost any career field.

Multimedia design programs prepare students for careers in any number of possible fields. Students will learn more than just how to create computer based designs. Programs also feature drawing, design and typography courses, digital music courses, and courses in creative design. Students will also learn about computer programming, network administration, writing for business, and publishing.

Students studying in multimedia design programs can choose between several specialties and degree options. Digital media design and digital visual media design programs teach students how to use modern computer programs to create 2D and 3D designs and animations. There are web and print production programs that feature work in drawing and typography. These are perfect for artists interested in developing a career in design. Multimedia studies may also include work with web design, visual communication, and digital music formats.

A student’s choice of concentration within the multimedia program may open up several career pathways. Multimedia design students could find work as webpage designers, database specialists, or network designers. Some could work in visual communications, designing signs, corporate logos, and illustrations for print and online media. Other potential occupations include designing and running flight simulators, creating walk-through designs for architects and building planners, and working with a movie or television production team.