Top Multimedia Schools in Utah: Your Guide to the Best Programs

Are you looking for the best multimedia schools in Utah? This guide will introduce you to top programs offered by leading institutions. Whether you’re interested in animation, media production, or multimedia journalism, you’ll find detailed information on the best options available.

  • Choosing the right multimedia program in Utah involves considering the range of degree levels, specialized courses, and the accreditation status of the institutions.
  • Top multimedia schools in Utah include the University of Utah, Brigham Young University-Provo, Utah Valley University, and Weber State University, each offering unique strengths in their multimedia curriculums.
  • Programs in media production, animation, multimedia journalism, and public relations are well-supported by state-of-the-art facilities, hands-on learning opportunities, and strong industry connections, preparing students for various careers in modern media fields.

Choosing the Right Multimedia Program

When selecting a multimedia program, it’s important to consider factors such as the offered degree levels, available specializations, and the institution’s accreditation and reputation.

With 1,097 degrees in communication and media studies awarded by eight colleges and universities in Utah, there’s a wide range of options for media studies students to consider.

Degree Levels

Utah offers a variety of degree levels in multimedia studies, including associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees. These programs cater to the needs of both beginners and those looking to elevate their careers.

For example, a bachelor’s degree can provide a comprehensive foundation, while a master’s degree offers deeper specialization and research opportunities.


Specializations within multimedia programs in Utah are diverse, ranging from animation and media production to multimedia journalism. Courses like UVU’s Digital Media Essentials introduce students to various aspects of digital media, including audience assessment and digital imaging, preparing them to be effective storytellers across multiple media formats.

Accreditation and Reputation

The accreditation of a multimedia program in Utah confirms it meets established education standards. An accredited program is vital for securing financial aid, facilitating credit transfer, and guaranteeing the quality and recognition of your degree.

Employers often prefer candidates from accredited institutions due to the assured quality of education.

Top Multimedia Schools in Utah

Numerous top-tier multimedia schools in Utah provide high-caliber programs that equip students for careers in media, animation, and communication. Among these, the top four schools are:

  1. University of Utah
  2. Brigham Young University-Provo
  3. Utah Valley University
  4. Weber State University

These schools stand out for their unique offerings and strengths.

University of Utah

The University of Utah offers a variety of multimedia programs, including a B.A. in Animation and a B.S. in Computer Science with an Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) emphasis. Facilities include state-of-the-art media labs and production studios, and student organizations such as the Digital Media Club and Film Production Club provide networking and project opportunities.

Brigham Young University-Provo

Brigham Young University offers unique multimedia programs that integrate spiritual growth with academic learning. Programs include a B.F.A. in Animation, Graphic Design, and Illustration, and a BS in Computer Science with an Animation Emphasis, which includes courses like 3D Computer Graphics and Video Game Production.

Utah Valley University

Recognized for its quality animation programs, Utah Valley University offers a Bachelor of Science in Animation and Game Development with tracks in 2D animation and 3D animation and games. The program emphasizes practical experience with industry-standard tools and software, preparing students for various careers in animation and game development.

Weber State University

Weber State University’s Multimedia Journalism program offers an interdisciplinary emphasis on collecting and writing information for newspapers, magazines, or websites. The program includes specializations in:

  • General Assignment Reporting
  • Literary Journalism
  • Technical Writing
  • Web Publishing
  • Sports Journalism

Along with hands-on experience through student media outlets.

Media Production Programs

Media production programs in Utah offer a robust curriculum that includes courses in video editing, audio production, and digital storytelling. Students develop technical skills in operating cameras, soundboards, and editing software, and gain practical experience through internships and collaborative projects with local media companies.

Hands-On Learning

Utah schools’ media production programs, rooted in applied science, emphasize hands-on learning, which aids students in acquiring practical skills essential for successful careers in modern life.

For instance, the Media Production, B.S. program at Utah Tech University focuses on practical skills in media strategy and content creation, while also incorporating media theory concepts.

Facilities and Equipment

Film and Media Arts students at the University of Utah have access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, including high-quality digital cameras, microphones, and audio equipment necessary for producing professional-grade media projects.

Career Paths

Media production graduates in Utah find opportunities in various careers, including journalism, TV and radio, video production, social media, and content marketing, among others.

For example, graduates of the Film & Media Arts program at the University of Utah find roles as producers, cinematographers, film editors, and graphic designers.

Animation and Visual Effects

Utah’s animation and visual effects programs are distinguished by their superior courses, modern facilities, and competitive environments that encourage creativity and innovation.

Curriculum Highlights

Top animation programs in Utah, such as the BFA program at BYU, include courses in digital and traditional animation, illustration, and figure drawing. Students work on personal and group projects, developing portfolios to secure positions in the animation industry.

Student Work and Projects

Students at BYU showcase their work through the BYU Center for Animation.

Similarly, UVU’s Digital Media program includes hands-on classes like Animation for the Internet, where students create interactive projects.

Industry Connections

Premier animation schools in Utah provide exceptional networking opportunities with leading animation studios. BYU animation graduates, for example, have secured positions at companies like Disney, DreamWorks, and Pixar.

Multimedia Journalism Programs

In Utah, Multimedia Journalism programs equip students for versatile careers in journalism and broadcasting spanning an array of media formats. The Multimedia Journalism, B.S. program at Utah Tech University, for instance, focuses on broadcasting and journalism careers.

Core Skills

Core skills in multimedia journalism include storytelling, content creation, ethics, and critical thinking. These programs emphasize the importance of integrity, accuracy, and accountability.

Technology and Tools

Students in multimedia journalism programs use technology and tools such as video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, and content management systems like WordPress. These tools are essential for producing and publishing digital content across various media platforms.

Student Media Outlets

Student media outlets such as K-UTE, The Blaze, and The Daily Utah Chronicle provide practical, hands-on experience for multimedia students. These platforms allow students to engage in various forms of journalism and media production, enhancing their skills and portfolios.

Public Relations and Communication

Public relations and communication programs in Utah provide a holistic education, placing emphasis on ethical practices and practical applications. These programs prepare students for diverse career paths in public relations and media research.

Program Overview

The Communication Department at Utah Tech University promotes ethical practices and offers a variety of courses designed to enhance students’ understanding and practice of communication. The department also supports student organizations such as the Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society and Absolute Communication.

Real-World Applications

BYU’s Center for Service and Learning offers over 70 community service programs, enhancing students’ leadership skills and providing real-world applications for their communication studies.

Graduates are well-equipped for careers in public relations, media research, and other fields.

Customizable Skills

Multimedia programs in Utah often allow students to customize their skills through interdisciplinary course selections. Some examples of courses that students can choose from include:

  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • Video production
  • Photography
  • Animation

Faculty advisement helps students tailor their coursework to fit specific career goals in public relations.

Additional Resources for Multimedia Students

Multimedia students in Utah, particularly in Salt Lake City, have access to a wealth of resources, including scholarships, student organizations, and professional development opportunities.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

Utah Tech University and the University of Utah offer scholarships specific to media studies and communication majors, including need-based and merit-based options.

Student Organizations

Student organizations such as the John R. Park Debate Society and K-UTE provide opportunities for practical experience and community engagement.

Professional Development

Professional development opportunities at Utah Tech University include workshops and seminars that enhance both practical and theoretical knowledge. UVU students also participate in conferences to stay updated in their fields, ensuring they remain competitive and effective in their future careers.