Advanced Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop opens up the world of creativity once you are trained in advanced Photoshop techniques. Artists and professional photographers can use Photoshop to drastically alter photos and create beautiful shots. The best Photoshop users learn how to create effects so they do not detract from the photos.

Text effects are one easy way to take advantage of the many stylistic features of Photoshop. Through the use of layers and fonts you can alter your text and create unique text effects that are perfect for an ad layout or for your next business brochure. You can learn how to recreate other texts or learn from the tutorials how to create effects that are unique to your project style and needs.

Text Effect Tutorials

Many people think only of the changes you can make to digital photos with Photoshop, but one of the nicest things you can do with Photoshop is restore old photos. After you scan your old photo you can repair it. Through the use of the healing brush, clone stamping, and blurring tools you can repair almost every photograph you find. This is an excellent way to make some extra money at home.

Restore Old Photos Tutorials

  • Several tutorials on how to clean and restore old photos with Photoshop

Photoshop allows you to download filters to alter your photos in a certain way. You can use filters to make your photos looked age, alter color, or create an artistic feel to your photos. You can also create your own filters so your photos are uniquely your own. You can learn how to create specific filters and then alter them to fit your needs.

Photoshop Filters Tutorials

Photoshop allows photographers to change so many details of their photos through its use of layers and different brush tools. When you use the brush tool it is important to begin by selecting a new layer of your image to work on. That way if you make any major mistakes you can delete the layer and start over. You should learn the best settings in order to get the effect you want. A lot of this comes through trial and error, but tutorials can help you get started.

Photoshop Brushes Tutorials

The advanced effects you can create in Photoshop are what set the professional graphic designer apart from the many amateur users of Photoshop. There are a wide variety of techniques available such as the Rain Drop technique. You can also create effects that change the color of images or allow pictures to look hand drawn.

Advanced Photoshop Effects Tutorials

  • Photoshop Road Map: A guide to tutorials for several techniques
  • Specky Boy: 28 tutorials on advanced Photoshop techniques for graphic designers