Visual Arts, Communications and Journalism

A visual arts, communication or journalism program can lead to an exciting career

It gives graduates the skills needed in public relations, non-profits, publishing, corporate environments and more.

Visual arts, communication and journalism programs prepare graduates for high paying careers in a number of fields. A bachelor’s degree in a journalism program is designed to provide graduates with the exceptional writing skills necessary for success in print and media writing.

Programs teach the skills of investigative reporting, ethically gathering and reporting news, and graphic design and layout. Graduates of journalism degree programs are prepared for future careers as writers or editors for newspapers, magazines and print publishers, as well as increasing opportunities for work in online media.

Corporate communication, public relations, advertising and marketing skills can be gained with a communications degree. Graduates learn how to better express and communicate ideas through presentations and visual aids. Specific programs for speech, digital and mass communication prepare students for jobs in technical writing or multimedia arts. Schools often combine communications degrees with specific concentrations desirable for those looking for a future in digital design or journalism.

A bachelor’s degree in visual arts is ideal for the creative artist. Teaching and honing the skills of traditional fine arts and modern media including drawing, animation, photography, and sculpture. Depending on the concentration chosen, artists learn how to create a portfolio, work with the latest software, and select and take care of equipment. Career tracks for graduates include web design, production assistance, and illustration.