Top 12 Best Photographer Portfolio Websites

Below is a list of the top 12 best photographer portfolio websites based on the quality of their photography portfolios as well as their website presentation. A lot of these photographers are self-taught and a lot have been educated at some of the best photography schools in the US. But regardless of background and experience, they all share a superb talent that is undeniable.

Corey Arnold

Corey is a photographer as well as an Alaskan commercial fisherman. He is working on a life-long project entitled “Fish-Work” which depicts the commercial fishing lifestyle around the world. He has one numerous awards and prizes.

Lisa Bettany

Lisa is a portrait photographer residing in Vancouver, BC. She started her career as a photographer after being a successful actress and model.

Jo Liu

The artist moved from Taiwan with her family when she was 15 to South America. She turned to art as a result of the language barrier. She forms a strong bond with her subject matter and has worked for clients including: Cover Girl, Proactive, JC Penney, Walmart and many others.

Christian Oth

Named one of the 10 best photographers in the world by American Photo Magazine in 2007, the studio’s portfolio includes the work of Christian Oth and other photographers. He is known for his relaxed, intuitive approach to photography.

Meg Perotti

One of the premier wedding photographers in Northern California, Meg Perotti has a stunning online portfolio. She also does portrait work that can be seen on her website.

Jan Sochor

This Czech born photographer works extensively in South America and Eastern Europe. His work tends to be of a documentary nature, telling the story of Latin America and its everyday life.

Little Hellos

Little Hellos, a.k.a. Richard McCoy, draws inspiration from his family, his children and artistic wife. His children are the subject of much of Richard’s work.

Rinze Van Brug

This rogue turned artist started at an early age, his first work – graffiti. Rinze excelled in photography and graphic design in art school. These skills landed him in an advertising career which led him to his true calling of photography and design.

Chase Jarvis

Chase has won many awards for his work, and is still striving to produce great art. He captures action and life with a transparent style

Eric Ryan Anderson

Eric is a commercial photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. His client list is too numerous to list and his work has been published in various media outlets such as Italian Vanity Fair, Vogue Hommes, LUXE, National Geographic Traveler, and many more.

Gavin Gough

Originally from England, Gavin Gough is now based in Bangkok, where he travels extensively. Just strolling through his vibrant photos, you can see why this travel photographer has been commissioned by a variety of NGO’s, humanitarian institutions and various commercial ventures such as Vanity Fair, Sony and the Vietnamese Tourist Board.

Mark Velasquez

Mark is almost as well-known for his unique sense of humor as he is for his photography. Although he lives the life of the typical nomadic photographer traveling throughout the world, he can be located somewhere, sometimes on the West Coast.

Visit the above websites and you will see some great examples of the best photographer portfolio websites. If you are interested in learning about designing a similar online portfolio, you can use them as inspiration for your website.