Perl Resources

Perl is an open source software licensed under General Public License or Artistic License that is used in web development and programming. The first version of Perl became available in 1987. A full history of Perl, as well as resources, events and articles, can be found at and

Perl remains popular with web developers because of its flexibility. It is supported by most operating systems, including Windows, Macintish and Unix. The Perl DBI module allows Perl to integrate with most databases, including MySQL and Oracle, to integrate database information into web pages. It works with hypertext markup languages like HTML and XML and is often used for web programming applications like e-commerce and forms.

For programmers and web developers interested in learning Perl, there are many paths available. Online guides and tutorials are helpful for those who already have an understanding of programming languages. Some include:

Self study guides are available in several forms, including self-paced online or CD training. offers an online video game [design school] that includes Perl training and resources. Accelebrate offers Perl training as well as training in web design and graphics. Apex Web Media Computer Training Software offers a PERL tutorial CD, and also offers graphics, programming and other [ design school] topics that can be completed in self-paced study.

Perl can also be learned, along with programming and web development basics, at specialty schools, including technical schools, [web design schools] and [graphic design schools]. Design Education provides a list of [web design schools] that offer Perl programming classes. Perl Training provides a list of schools that offer Perl training, as well as related programs like technical training and [ web design schools].

In addition to web development, Perl is often used in video game design. Perl courses are part of the curriculum at video game design schools and programs of like Palomar College.