Landscape Design Certificate programs & Training

Information on landscape design programs, including the skills students learn. It also includes information on potential jobs.

Landscape design programs teach students the basic principles associated with landscape design. There are some students who use this degree and go on to an advanced degree in landscape architecture, but others choose to work in landscape design. The courses the students take revolve around design elements, but also structural elements.

Courses in structural elements teach the students about issues relating to the soil, plant selection and the climate. They learn how to choose the best plants for their area, keep those plants thriving, and where to place structural elements such as drainage pipes. They also take classes in design aesthetics to learn about laying out the different plants and other pieces of the design. Students also learn the fundamentals of computer programs and software that aids in their design.

Students in landscape design programs must learn the basics of working with clients, as well as managing their business. Financial and business courses teach students about working on a budget, anticipating the needs of their clients, and fulfilling those needs. In addition, they may take courses on marketing and advertising.

There are several different career paths for those who complete one of these programs. They can work as private consultants setting up landscape design for outside firms. They can also work for landscaping companies and design firms. There are also some students who use the skills they learn to start their own company, working as landscape designers. Additionally, students can work with historic preservation companies and layout traditional, or historically accurate, landscapes.