Home Furnishings Merchandising

Home furnishings merchandising prepares students for a career in the furniture merchandising industry, with an emphasis on things used in the home.

The program involves learning more about the actual creation of the products, as well as the business side of things. Students learn how to market their products, how to make sales, and how the business of selling merchandise works.

Students enrolled in the home furnishings merchandising program also learn about the history of furniture design and how it changed over time. In the early stages of the program, they also learn how furniture is designed and manufactured. There is also an emphasis on how designers find their ideas and translate those ideas into practical pieces.

Many home furnishings merchandising programs give students the chance to learn more about the fabrics and items used in the creation of furniture. Students learn how colors work together, the basics of color theory, and how different fabrics appeal to different consumers. There is also a focus on learning the behaviors of consumers and learning to see and pick trends for the future.

At the end of the program, the work culminates in a special project that combines all the skills learned through the coursework. This work goes into a portfolio that students use on their hunt for a job after college. Students who finish the home furnishings merchandising program go onto work in a variety of fields including furniture design and retail. The students work as buyers for major stores, furniture designers, and marketing executives.