The Top Steampunk Styles

SteamPunk Style is hard to describe. It is a blend of Victorian inspired design with a punk twist and blasted with an iron and metal tint and a pinch of science fiction. It’s dark, yet classy. Picture mysterious, yet comfy. Picture Heavy metal with a romantic melody and a little drum and base thrown in. Get it now?

Steampunk isn’t just a style you can pick up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It takes some research, some inspiration, and a lot of creativity. Here are the best Steampunk sites to start your style research: is a great place to start your steampunk style.Whether you tend to lean towards the darker part of Steampunk or the Romantic part, this Victorian style guide will be a good place to start. It has everything Victorian including, fashion, furniture, and home and garden.

The Steampunk Workshop is a steampunk blog to see how people develop their own steampunk style. It also has a great following of people who comment and share Steampunk ideas.

Modern Victorian is where you can get some Steampunk-tastic advice about restoration and renovation in the steampunk design. This is really one addictive site.

Brass Goggles is a blog (and forum) “devoted to the lighter side of all things Steampunk”.

More Ways to Waste Time is a great site for insight into the world of Steampunk. It’s a fun blog with a lot of links and information on how to achieve your steampunk look.

DataMancer is a personal blog of “Doc” Nagy, a steampunk contraptor, technical artists, and jackass-of-all-trades. According to him, “He creates heirlooms.”

Steampunkmagazine is a printed magazine which you can also download. It is filled with articles about politics, fashion, and “forging your own island”

The Steampunk Home. This is The Steampunk of all Steampunk. The people who run Modern Victorian have renovated an entire house in uber-steampunk and it’s breathtaking.