Fashion Design and Apparel

There are many possibilities for the student considering a career in the field of fashion design, and a multitude of programs to choose from.

Here are some fashion design programs related to production, marketing, and promotion.

A student with a strong sense of style may wish to work towards being a fashion designer. While a two- or four-year degree is not mandatory, it is very useful in gaining contacts. Networking is very important to an up-and-coming fashion designer. Designers study fashion trends and create their own styles of clothing for men, women, and children. Most of the time potential designers work with a senior designer as an assistant and gradually work their way up to managing their own lines of clothing.

Fashion marketing professionals are the people who promote the fashions that the designers create. They know what customers are buying at any given time, and are able to anticipate the future fashion needs of those customers. They learn how to promote current and future trends to the public. Fashion merchandisers select which fashions to sell and promote in particular retail or wholesale stores. Like marketers, they study what customers are buying and try to project what will be popular in the future. Students in both fields will study business, design, sales, and marketing. They will also work with marketers or merchandisers to gain experience before managing their own departments.

A student interested in this field has many opportunities and choices when choosing a fashion design program, and the job outlook for any of these positions is very good. Whether one is interested in actually designing lines, promoting fashions, or projecting what designs will sell well, students are likely to find something that they can excel in within the field of fashion design.